CDN + P2P transmission

Using CDN technology to provide streaming media services, through P2P technology to achieve the data sharing between users, so that we can reduce the cost of bandwidth and increase the reliability of transmission under large amount of users. But unlike other solutions, our P2P system is based on the CDN extension, so in the absence of P2P, we can still ensure the operation of the system, thus ensuring the system’s openness and flexibility.

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Digital copyright protection

Content encryption, media system uses DRM encryption library or DRM encryption system to encrypt the program content; content encryption can be done before and after the slice.

Terminal decryption, DRM agent in the terminal initiates a content license request when the DRM encrypted program is played, the DRM system responds to the terminal request and sends the DRM content license securely to the terminal. The DRM agent library, according to the authorization, decrypt the content. In ...

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Mobile APP

Mobile APP is a client application based on iPhone, Android, iPad and other mobile phone and tablet systems. It includes information browsing, audio and video on demand, live, comment, investigation, interaction and many other functions.

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Online transcoding


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