Company Overview

TVA is mainly engaged in IPTV video application software design and development. The company is headquartered in Beijing, our R&D headquarter and technology center is located in Kunming, Yunnan, our testing base is in Shenzhen. We have business centers in South AmericaIndia Pakistan Africa, and marketing & customer service branches in South AmericaIndia. TVA is Chinese national high-tech enterprise, China software enterprise, science and technology innovation leading enterprise, owning more than one hundred intellectual property rights. TVA is doing business around the world.


As a high-tech enterprise, our company has a strong product development team which is committed to the field of IPTV multi-screen and new product development. The main products with self-owned intellectual property rights include: Free video system, IPTV provider system, IPTV enterprise-class system, etc.


TVA as IPTV multi-screen interactive service concept pioneer and practitioner, its technology is applied to triple play integration, mobile communications, cloud computing, intelligent city, contents monitoring and other fields. TVA is leading a number of industry standards. Our key products’ market share is more than 70%.


TVA IPTV video applications involve cloud, pipeline, terminal and multiple business elements, cover fixed network, mobile network and other network forms, which is the future development direction of the communications networks. TVA adheres to the market demand-driven R & D model for independent innovation, through independent development, continuous R&D investment. IPTV video will be applied to providers, enterprise end to end system in many areas.


With TVA’s three core technologies: SaaS-based clouds technology, CDN + P2P streaming media technology and intelligent terminal technology, our solution can revitalize the network resources. The use of network virtualization technology breaks through the data center resource bottlenecks. We can safely and reliably achieve the computing, storage, network resources integration and dynamic refactoring, and provide cloud services for end users.


TVA provides a complete end-to-end IPTV interactive TV solutions, committed to innovative business model in the new era, and create new ecological system of IPTV video application industry. Now, TVA is facing the international market and fully devotes to a new journey.