Device Management Server

Local BOSS basic management

For providers, the portal system is the core of their business, therefore, providers need to control every elements of the portal, rather than using fixed contents. You need a very flexible system that can combine client and server, synchronize the contents and changes from the server side to the client in a timely manner, so providers can constantly update the portal display mode according to their own needs.

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Authentication authorization...

For providers, device authentication and authorization are important functions of a business system, only legitimate devices which have purchased the corresponding contents can access these contents. In order to achieve this goal, we have designed our Local Boss system authentication and authorization system.

OTT package and permission list

Give device ID package permission

Device ID

Return permission list according to device ID

Whether it is authorized


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Business development server

Business management platform, referred to as BO, is the core part of OTT system. It works with BOSS, content service platform, terminal software platform and cloud transmission system together, support provider’s business realization, business control, business management, billing, accounting and business analysis, provide user authentication and authorization, support necessary operation and maintenance management for the business system itself.

TVA OTT business system is based on c...

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