Sales Talent

Account Manager


1.       Responsible for the business relationship with the telecom companies, according to company's business development needs and strategy, find and dig cooperation resources, assess the resources of cooperation.

2.       Responsible for maintaining relationship with the telecom companies and channel development, communicate with provinces and foreign telecom companies, apply for policy support.

3.       Responsible for establishing the relationship with the telecom companies, handle customer complaints, promote business cooperation projects, apply for marketing resources in key projects.

4.       Responsible for the development, promotion, in-depth exploration of potential resources and deep cooperation

5.       Actively complete the company's stage targets of cooperation.



1.       College degree or above, 2 - 5 years of experience with telecom companies (China Telecom / China Mobile / China Unicom, and its provincial subsidiaries, or foreign companies) BD, IPTV / OTT / Broadband value-added business cooperation experience is preferred;

2.       Familiar with telecom companies business settlement, complaint handling and cooperation recruitment process, engaged in telecom companies sales or value-added business operations, have a good network of contacts, develop business according to company requirements.

3.       Familiar with SP cooperation, have business development and coordination capability, have business documentation composing capability.

4.       Hard working, good at cooperation, have good communication skills and team spirit.

5.       Cheerful, good image, strong language skills.





Industry Sales Manager


1.       Responsible for IPTV digital multimedia products (information release, IPTV, etc.) sales and promotion.

2.       Analysis of industry market and information collection, make market sales forecast,  implement sales plans and ensure the completion of sales targets.

3.       Responsible for finding customers in the assigned industry, accurately determine customer needs and product innovation, promote effective cooperation program, be able to independently solve the problems encountered in the sales process, achieve sales targets, enhance market coverage and share.

4.       Responsible for project bidding (if any), contracts and payment settlement.

5.       To help collecting market and industry related information, to deepen the understanding of the industry.



1.       Bachelor’s degree or above, in computer, network communication and other related majors.

2.       1 - 3 years of sales, management related experience;

3.       Sales experience or background resources with sub-sectors (such as: hotel, education, television, etc.) are preferred.

4.       Outgoing personality, strong ability to express, with strong communication skills and strong affinity.

5.       With certain degree of market analysis and judgment, a good sense of customer service.





Regional Sales Director


1.       Responsible for sales and marketing with radio and television, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, etc. in assigned regions.

2.       Responsible for customer support with radio and television, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, etc. in assigned regions.

3.       Actively expand the coordination of customer relations, establish a good business relationship, contact with business cooperation, complete negotiations, signing, implementation and other related work.

4.       In assigned regions responsible for the overall operation analysis, sales data analysis, industry data / competitor / competitive product analysis, and submit the relevant cycle analysis report.

5.       Effective customer relationship maintenance and development, enhance customer satisfaction and customer value, establish long-term win-win customer relations.

6.       Coordination of internal resources, the development of new cooperation model, complete cooperation and promotion projects.

7.       Take the initiative to complete the leadership of the other assigned tasks.



1.       Bachelor’s degree or above.

2.       Major in computer, information technology, media, business administration, marketing, communications and industrial automation.

3.       Deep radio and television, telecom companies resources.

4.       Very familiar with radio and television, telecom companies work and processes.

5.       More than 5 years of radio and television, telecom companies business sales related work.

6.       Proficient in IPTV / OTT business and industry environment;

7.       Strong business communication and channel development ability, strong ability to express, logical thinking ability, strong at execution.

8.       Work initiative, communication skills, teamwork ability.