Technology History

  TVA system upgrade, support for Microsoft / Real / Flash / Apple and other network video formats

On the last day of 2007, TVA released the latest version, which supports the transmission and playback of almost all video formats on the current network, greatly enhancing the versatility of the system. The new system can support Microsoft, Real, Flash, Apple, MPEG-1/2/4, open source OGG / MKV and other formats.

  TVA system fully supports H.264 HD format playback

In April 2008, TVA upgraded the front-end and back-end systems, so TVA began to fully shift to support for H.264, which will be able to support higher quality video at the same bandwidth. We can achieve the quality of the DVD with 600kbps bandwidth, making the Internet can really compete with television industry.

  TVA joined P4P working group

In May 2008, TVA joined P4P Working Group (P4PWG) as an observer, which was the first Chinese enterprise to join the organization. In the next few months, TVA will cooperate with P4PWG to test P4P in China, explore P4P efficiency in China domestic network environment.

  TVA releases two open source projects

In June 2008, TVA released two open source software projects, one is TVA Rm-For-VLC player project, the other is TVA Miniutil project.

  TVA releases free RTSP streaming media server software

In June 2008, TVA released a free streaming media server software - TVA RTSP streaming media server. The software is a lightweight streaming server software, it can replace the three mainstream streaming media server software: Windows Media Server, Real Helix Server and Apple Darwin Server, which are currently available on Windows, Linux, and most embedded Linux platforms.

  P2P shows new strength, TVA introduced conceptual P2P-STB solution

In August 2008, P2P technology provider TVA introduced conceptual P2P-STB solution for set-top box (STB). The main features of the solution are not only for the STB to establish a closed P2P network to issue media content, but also allows STB directly connected to the public P2P network, watch contents directly on the TV. TVA's conceptual P2P-STB solution consists of front-end and back-end two parts.

  IANA assigned 4188 TCP / UDP port as TVA P2P protocol official port

In September 2008, IANA assigned 4188 TCP / UDP port as the official port of TVA P2P protocol. Please see: http: //

  TVA support Silverlight, began to achieve cross-platform playback

In November 2008, P2P technology provider TVA began to fully support Microsoft's latest Silverlight technology, the use of Silverlight player to achieve P2P streaming live and on-demand, and through Silverlight cross-platform features to achieve the P2P platform on the P2P Streaming media applications.

  TVA supports Flash RTMP streaming media protocol, provides the most complete P2P streaming media solution

May 22, 2009, TVA released a new version, began to fully support the Flash RTMP streaming media protocol, through this system, providers can provide users with low-cost Flash Player-based large-scale P2P live and on-demand services. In addition to save a lot of bandwidth costs, the providers do not need to buy a lot of Adobe's streaming media server license.

  Mashup mode Flash streaming media infrastructure

November 2009, TVA introduced a new structure of the streaming media - MeshStreaming system, the system flexibly "mix and match" the C/S and P2P streaming media structure into one, users can use standard Flash player to direct access streaming media content, and also can switch to the P2P terminal to access the corresponding content in the P2P network. In this case, streaming media operators do not have to redeploy the back-end system, MeshStreaming system can be deployed at the same time while supporting C/S and P2P two kinds of network structure.

The secret of the system design approach to the "mashup" is that the MeshStreaming system itself can take two roles at the same time. One is as a standard streaming media server; the other is as P2P streaming media server. The benefits of this system are obvious, for streaming media providers, they can be flexible to consider how to expand the entire system. You can directly use the CDN way to back-end streaming media server expansion, you can also open the P2P network, so that user nodes join the entire network to enhance the overall system capacity, of course, these two means can be carried out at the same time.

  TVA has launched a complete smart TV and set-top box platform based on universal operating system (Android), providing complete network video and value-added business solution for Internet and network providers

In June 2010, TVA launched a complete smart TV and set-top box platform based on Universal Operating System (Android), providing a complete network video and value-added business solution for Internet and network providers, leading the industry in similar technologies.

In February 2012, TVA launched TV social networking system, mobile social system can interact with the TV side. Video streaming can be switched arbitrarily between mobile phone, pad, TV.

  Leading CDN + P2P / P4P streaming media technology

In April 2013, TVA firstly support P2P / P4P and HTTP protocol dual-mode. It can simultaneously support the standard CDN system and support ordinary Web server as a node, construct P2P / P4P video buffer cloud platform, it also support internal network automatic buffer service.

  SaaS based clouds technology

In November 2014, TVA build its SaaS based clouds system. It uses SaaS as the core cloud, and  deploy peripheral CDN clouds group around the core. The contents are synchronized between the core cloud and peripheral clouds. This solution shorten the path of intelligent terminal to extract the content, improve user experience and decrease core cloud load.

  CDN + P2P clouds synchronization technology to achieve remote large data transmission and management

In March 2015, TVA achieve the contents synchronization from the central server to CDN servers, one-time distribution can complete multi-nodes synchronization. Media information, live video, on-demand video, pictures, files are all under unified management.

  Virtualized deployment technology to reduce data center costs, increase system and application uptime

In August 2016, TVA integrated virtualized deployment technology and IPTV system. It redefines IPTV system availability and simplifies IPTV virtual data, accelerates the deployment and delivery of IPTV systems.

  Free Video platform, the real free video sharing platform

In May 2017, TVA officially released the Free video platform for overseas. The platform supports user self-registration and login. Users can freely upload their favorite videos to share. For all users, they are free to release video or watch video.