IPTV business is a television business, as early as 2005, to today has lasted for over 11 years, in these ten years, IPTV business has achieved significant results, more mature for the business itself, the reason why IPTV business can develop so fast mainly because it is able to provide high-definition TV business for the majority of users, but also can satisfy the development of the broadcasting industry, its advantage is obviously. Therefore, in order to further improve the IPTV business, it is necessary to enhance the infrastructure construction throughout the country, so as to ensure that the television business can be replaced and updated. The traditional IPTV business mainly adopts the Trinity platform, such as platform, center, POP node and so on, so as to achieve multi development, so as to further improve the quality and level of the whole IPTV business. IPTV business model we mainly interact with radio and television or local operators, and the development and promotion in a certain range, so as to improve the quality of the whole business, in the process also need to implement the IPTV services and broadband services bundled, flexible to respond, then this link to achieve sales and the development of the business.

Our Goal

Provide SMBs with fully functional servers that come with ClearOS, an operating system with an Application Marketplace at no additional cost and the flexibility to customize as needed.

Key Benefits


        TVA as IPTV multi-screen interactive service concept pioneer and practitioner, its technology is applied to triple play integration, mobile communications, cloud computing, intelligent city, contents monitoring and other fields. TVA is leading a number of industry standards. Our key products’ market share is more than 70%.

        TVA IPTV video applications involve cloud, pipeline, terminal and multiple business elements, cover fixed network, mobile network and other network forms, which i... more

What TVA can provide you?

1.         Competitive products

Free video system, IPTV provider system, IPTV enterprise system, etc.

2.         Professional technical support

l  Telephone support

Our customer service department will provide customers with 7X24 hours phone support services. This department has experienced engineers to answer various questions from customers, in this way we could solve most of the maintenance support requests.

l  On-site support

For the problems could not be solve... more

Ease of use


No extra cost

Zero cost, Project profit sharing